Best 8 diet plan for weight loss

Best 8 diet plan for weight loss

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Shedding some extra pounds can be a hectic job. No matter where we are, in a family gathering or having a much-needed hang out with friends, food is a must. You cannot resist yourself does not matter how you try. Food always takes over to your heart. But if you really want to lose weight, then you have to control your desire to eat high-calorie and sacrifice your cravings. A perfect diet plan is the first and best way to reduce weight. Here we are going to list down 8 diet plans for weight loss, plus adding protein shake is a good thing in diet plans. Buy one for yourself from the Man Shake at the value rate with the Man Shake discount code.

Vegan diet

This diet is a step forward from a simple vegetarian diet. In this diet, all animal products are shun including honey and eggs. Mostly the restricted foods are high in calories. They aid in weight loss because they are rich in fiber that helps the individual to feel fuller for a long time.

Intermittent fasting

This is the form of the diet is the cycling period of fasting and eating. This diet restricts the timing of your eating. That helps in the calorie intake. Rather than weight loss, it also helps with other health issues.

The Mediterranean diet

This diet includes the food that is usually eaten by the residents of countries like Italy and Greece. This diet plans to lower the heart disease risk but turns out to be the best weight loss plan. Mainly includes plenty of fruits, seeds, whole grain, etc.

WW diet

This diet plan does not restrict any food but limits the calories. It works as a points system. The individual is only allowed the points of calories they can take in a day.

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Low-fat diet

This diet cut the calorie intake by 30% while some 10%.  This diet is mainly based on plants and some meat and animal products.

Dash diet

Dash diet emphasis the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, and lean meat. Although it is not basically the weight loss diet but it helps in it by taking the specific serving from different food groups.

Paleo diet

This diet is basically encouraged to eat the food raw like the human did in the past. This diet did not allow the individual to eat treated food in any manner, but a less restricted diet allows cheese.

Keto diet

This diet drop the carbs intake drastically. The high protein products are taken, and carbs are avoided. It is the most popular diet and gives results faster than other diet plans.


These were the eight best diet plans that can help you to lose weight. Several studies are being conducted throughout the world, and result claimed that these diets are genuine, and if you stick to them, you will definitely shed kilos, and the change will be visible in front of your eyes.

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